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PricingStarting from $115/moStarting from $4000/year
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Contract LengthMonthly or annualAnnual only
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Ease of UseEasyMedium
Online Newsroom
Press Release Creator
Press Release Distribution
Pitch Personalization
Pitch Scheduling
Pitch AnalyticsAdvancedAdvanced
Performance Export
Media Monitoring
Media Database Size1,000,000+380,000+
SupportVery responsiveVery responsive
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Chris Zelig, Partner

We tried other PR software before Prowly. Most of the other software was more expensive but less effective, far less user-friendly, and, frankly, not really worth the effort. That is why we will never go back. Prowly just makes everything easy and quickly accessible.


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Flexible, transparent & budget-friendly pricing plans

Pricing Table

Prowly offers 3 different pricing plans to suit your PR needs, no matter how big or small.

Pricing Table

We’re transparent about our pricing, so you can see—without having to book a demo—which features you’re paying for upfront. No annoying up-sells. No hidden surprises.

And with plans starting at $115/mo, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for great PR software.

I don't know if it [Meltwater] is worth the negotiated price point of $7,000

Review source: Verified G2 Reviewer

...everything [in Meltwater] is an add-on and it is not always easy to determine what you get for the price you are being quotes.

Review source: Verified G2 Reviewer

It [Meltwater] was priced too high for the actual return for a small/medium sized business.

Review source: Verified G2 Reviewer

No hidden auto-renewal clauses

Prowly lets you turn off the auto-renewal for your monthly or yearly subscription at any time, with no hidden surprises.

Our contracts and cancellation policies are transparent and easy to understand—so you don't have to read the fine print.

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The fact that [Meltwater's] 60 day policy is buried within the terms of use, not present in the contract, and not communicated by the sales people is evidence that Meltwater is an extremely shady company.

Review source: Verified G2 Reviewer

I asked for [Meltwater's] contract and was shocked to see the termination terms aren't even listed on the main contract page - they are instead buried in a link, under topics such as spam. A link, of course, can be altered at any time.

Review source: Verified TrustRadius Reviewer

After weeks of "negotiation" we were [by Meltwater] threatened with legal action if we didn't compromise and spend an additional $2000 (as opposed to the $8000 they wanted us to pay for the year) to extend our contract partially through the end of the year.

Review source: Verified G2 Reviewer
Pricing Table
Pricing Table

Three times as many media contacts

Prowly’s database contains over 1,000,000 journalists and influencers from around the world. Search by topic, industry, position & location and narrow the contacts that truly matter to you.

Save time looking for the right contacts for your story with additional features such as Influence Score or being notified if an email is likely to bounce.

Don't just take our word for it. View our available media contacts for free.

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Many editors and writers at major industry pubs, some in their roles for over 10 years, were missing [in Meltwater's database] - making us wonder how trustworthy the rest of the data could be.

Review source: Verified G2 Reviewer
about Meltwater's media database

The information [in Meltwater's database] is largely outdated and there are very few contacts in comparison to other databases.

Review source: Verified G2 Reviewer
about Meltwater's media database

The database/library of journalists/authors/publishers [in Meltwater] is not very large. We are always having to add people from scratch which is not easy or intuitive.

Review source: Verified G2 Reviewer
about Meltwater's media database

Prowly lets you create an online newsroom

Make it easier for the media to find and share your news. Keep all your press releases and other PR content in a journalist-friendly online newsroom.

Say goodbye to email attachments. Store your photos, videos and other media in your press kit. It's all in one easy-to-find place with unlimited storage.

Pricing Table

Prowly - All Your PR Activities in One Place

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The best PR tool on the market


We tried a couple of PR tools but eventually chose Prowly and we are extremely happy with everything it provides - the features (especially brand journal!), customer support (very responsive), and the ease of use (all features packed in the great design and well-thought interface). I am pretty sure you will love Prowly once you try it!

Review source: Verified Capterra Reviewer

Best product ever

The easiest way to communicate with journalists and consumers via your newsroom/brand journal. The best customer support ever. :)

Great tool for PR pros!

I believe that every article, every advisory opportunity, every interaction with a client should make the working world better than it was before... and Prowly is helping us to make it real.

The best tool for communications pros!

Prowly makes it all. CRM, pitch, media, stories. The product is everything I need in my everyday work. I have space to write, to promote, to send, to analyze. I can't imagine my job without it.

Reviews source: Verified Capterra Reviewers

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